What is the best synthetic urine for drug test?

Best synthetic urine 2017 -Sub Solution

There are many debates on what is the best synthetic urine what you can use for a drug test. In my opinion, the best synthetic urine brand is sub solution. They have two different kinds of synthetic urine and both are great. One of them is 90$ the other one is 75. Go with the regular sub solution synthetic urine for 75 and you will be fine. One of the best feature of this fake urine that it comes with heat activator powder so you don’t have to mess with microwave or any other “heating” method.

Where to buy Sub Solution?

This is the only downside, its not available in shops so if you are in a hurry and you need the urine within 24 hours then Sub Solution is not an option. I believe this is the best synthetic urine and its risk-free to use, so if you are a weed smoker who can be drug tested at work anytime, then I strongly advise you to buy a bottle or two and keep it in a safe place, better to be safe than sorry.

What is the second best synthetic urine on the market?

I think everybody knows the second brand, its called Quick Fix and its the most popular synthetic urine in 2017. It doesn’t come with heat activator powder so you will have to microwave it and wrap it with hand warmers to keep it on the right temperature. Heat activator powder is way easier to use, but its still not a big deal. A quick fix is widely available in the states, you can buy it in most smoke shops, or you can order it online (more discreet, cheaper price).

best synthetic urine

Other options

If none of the mentions synthetic urine brands are available, then Monkey Whizz can be also an option. Monkey whizz is a relatively new synthetic urine, but it already has a good reputation. I wouldn’t recommend it for lab tests, but for a regular urine test, it should be good. Always check synthetic urine reviews before buying any product. It’s also a good idea to check some forums where other people share their experiences.

What not to buy

There are some brands that I would not recommend. U pass synthetic urine is crap, everybody knows that magnum, P sure, Ultra Klean and Clean Stream are the worst fake urine brands what you can use for a drug test. These synthetic urine brands do not contain uric acid, urea, and other essential chemicals. Without these chemicals, these are not “real” synthetic urines. These can be detected easily on a dip stick test. It’s also important to mention that some low-quality fake urine contains some chemicals what are normally not found in human urine if the lab test for these chemicals then you are busted. As I know all of these cheap fake urine brands contains this certain chemical. It’s a trick what not too many people know.

In my next article, I will speak about using detox drinks and detox pills for a drug test.