Drugs And Your Body

Ever wonder what harm you could be causing to your body every time you take drugs? Most people feel it is the right thing to do at that moment since it makes you feel better.

No matter how people keep telling you it is bad, it is wrong you feel like they don’t know what they are saying because at that moment you are the drugs you feel good, and your brain keeps telling you to keep taking.

Until you see the consequences and at that time you have become an addict and stopping it is hard. Drugs affect your physical and internal body organs.


Drugs will alter how the brain thinks. It will make the brain make one like the drug pleasure, and with time the brain will keep asking more to fuel the false comfort from the drug. If you try to stop the brain will keep pushing you not to stop, in the end, you will give in and become an addict. Once you are an addict, the brain will start deteriorating, and sometimes there will be low memory, impaired judgment. Some drugs even damage the cells in the brain entirely.


The liver processes the drugs, and as it processes it, the liver will be damaged. The more the drugs someone takes the more damage caused to the liver which can lead to total damage to the heart. When the liver is completely damaged, diseases like liver cirrhosis chip in which can kill the user.


Drugs can affect the respiratory system of the user and even damage the lung. Sometimes it can cause various diseases depending on the drugs one take — diseases like bronchitis, lung cancer, and even asthma. For example, marijuana causes chronic bronchitis, and smoking cigarette can cause lung cancer.


All the drug one take it passes through the kidney and if it is bad it can cause harm to the body. Some drugs can lead to dehydration or even cause kidney failure.


The drugs can affect the cardiovascular muscle which can lead to abnormal heart rate and even heart attack. When someone injects themselves with drugs, it increases the heart rate and sometimes can lead to heart attack. Some drugs can make one feel very relaxed that the heart can stop breathing.

Physical body

The use of Drug can make one look malnourished and even weak. Overtime use of drugs can destroy the immune system of someone making one vulnerable to any disease. People who take drugs are usually dirty this is because they have diverted third attention to drugs more than their hygiene.

Injecting yourself with a shared unsterile needle can lead to infections of diseases like HIV and AIDS.

Overusing of these drugs can make one impotent.


Using this drugs has more harm to the user, and it may take time for one to notice because at that moment they are more fixated on pleasure and fun Before they realize they will be addicted. The best to do is to abstain from these drugs and get something to do instead.