First Marijuana Restaurant in the USA is Now Open

A medical marijuana restaurant in Denver, decided to be creative and create their business a full-service restaurant, catering for the patients who want to use medical marijuana to heal physical diseases.
The existence of medical marijuana restaurant

marijuana restaurant

The Ganja Gourmet owner, residing at 1810 South Broadway Avenue stated that the restaurant will look forward and vision in helping in distribution of medical marijuana to the licensed ones and also provide a healthy atmosphere where patients can easily and freely visit each other in a good environment, and this is how the medical marijuana restaurant came to be.

The owner, Ganja Gourmet, plans in offering lasagina, jambalaya, chocolate mousse, gourmet pizza, flavoured cheesecakes, paella, and other gourmet dishes, how amazing! It is also a different buzz, much awake buzz and extremely alert.

This was quoted by the medical marijuana chef, Evan Budman. He believes that the medical marijuana restaurant will raise South Broadway status on the states budding on the medical marijuana maps. He is so optimistic since he believes the restaurant will sway people from the whole of Colorado to this medical marijuana restaurant.

The 1960 retro feel will be back again since this is how the restaurant will have been decorated, inclusive of tie-and dye attires for the employees. This will be such a beautiful feeling to revive. Steve Horowitz also an owner of the Ganja Gourmet restaurant emphasized that the restaurant would not create an atmosphere for partying. According to the new Colorado laws the medical marijuana restaurant is a business just like others.

A lot of other legalised dispensaries are also there and follow the laws. Horowitz stated that they have set themselves as any other business for their survival. His prepared statement stated that they got to work on their quality food and healthy atmosphere so that their customers enjoy their experience that makes them to keep coming back like all other restaurants do.

Horowitz commented that their medical marijuana restaurant would offer courtesy rides to their customers residence, for those of them who would feel they cannot make on their own to drive. He hoped the launching of Ganja Gourmet medical marijuana restaurant would set higher standards for distributers nationwide and also those of Colorado so that the sick patients can get accessible treatment with ease.

There is also off-premises prepared marijuana -lace menu since inspectors of buildings cannot allow on-site kitchen as it is fire hazardous.

Overall, many people prefer the medical marijuana restaurant than powerful painkillers, adding a mark to the restaurant. People say they can now live a normal life by improving their eating habits thank you to the medical marijuana restaurant. Give them a try, and do not worry, just because you visited one of these marijuana restaurants, you won’t test positive on a drug test.