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Driving Under the Influence of Cannabis: Is it Really That Dangerous?

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a huge problem in this country, and those of us who do not reside beneath a rock is fully aware of that fact. What seems to get little or no attention in this country is the problem of driving under the influence of marijuana.

Smoking marijuana is known to impair perception, judgment, and the ability to concentrate. It can induce paranoia, hallucinations, and panic attacks. And yet for some reason, there is little fuss made about the dangers of smoking pot and then getting behind the wheel of a car.

Why do we so strongly discourage the practice of drinking alcohol and driving? Well, the first huge reason is that drinking alcohol impairs judgment – much the same as smoking marijuana. As far as impaired ability to concentrate – it goes without saying that the ability to concentrate on the task at hand is at least slightly important when driving am an automobile.

Smoking marijuana also affects the ability to react. If you have ever been high or seen someone who is high, the lack of ability to react quickly to a situation can seem amusing. And it probably is amusing in the safety of a home. Unfortunately for those who choose to smoke marijuana and get behind the wheel of a car, reaction time is critical when it comes to driving an automobile.

Am I anti-marijuana? Nope. I do not smoke the drug myself, but if alcohol is legal (and I do enjoy the occasional margarita or three) then marijuana should also be legal. Many of the bad side effects are the same between alcohol and marijuana-impaired judgment, inability to concentrate, delayed reaction time – are the same.

In fact, if I had to choose one of the two drugs to be legal, I would probably lean towards marijuana simply because I have never seen a violent pothead and I have seen plenty of violent drunks.

But if the two drugs are going to be used – legally or otherwise – then the same rules of safety should be applied. In other words – don’t toke and drive. If you are going to smoke pot – have a designated driver, just as you would if you were going to drink alcohol.

And remember that the effects of marijuana take more than 24 hours to wear off, so do not feel that you are safe to blaze up and then drive a couple of hours late

Medical marijuana

Medical Marijuana Shops Popping Up All Over Michigan

Medical marijuana dispensaries are popping up all over in Michigan. They are starting by selling equipment for those people who have their “growing card”, but they will clearly tell you their plans; to grow and sell marijuana.

Many people however say that these stores are testing the newly set Marijuana laws, because the law doesn’t exactly state its legal to sell medical marijuana from a store. It states that a caregiver can grow up to 12 plants for someone certified to use medical marijuana. The store just has their customers sign a form stating they are appointing them as their caregiver. Then BAM- the “certified user” now has a hookup.

I see nothing wrong with medical marijuana. I am not a user, or a grower but I don’t by any means look down upon those who smoke. I work in the medical field and see marijuana bring relief to many different symptoms caused by many different diseases.

Medical marijuana shops

I have never seen nor heard of a case where anyone has overdosed or in some way died from marijuana. Alcohol on the other hand has been factored into many deaths, and yet it is very legal. Marijuana is a natural substance too. Unlike cigarettes, who the heck knows whats in there. So as far as I’m concerned there is nothing wrong with some dope smoking. It can also be a great economy booster.

Now let me put something into perspective here. I live in the smallest town in Michigan. At the time of the last census my town’s population was 337 people. Not many. A month ago there was only a tiny market and a even tinier post office.

Then out of no where a store opened and tons of advertising has begun. The store sells hydroponic equipment and everything a person could possibly need to grow a jungle. I see traffic in and out of this store all day long and it makes me smile.

Not only are the store owners making money, the community is making money off the taxes paid, the employees are making money, the advertising company is making money, the post office is making money, the water company has to be making a ton of money, not to mention the money it will cost to keep the building up (sewer, roof, parking lot). Could it be?

A once highly frowned upon habit, may just be the thing a small town needs to pull ahead. I sure as heck don’t see it hurting anything.