The fastest way to clear your system and pass your drug test

An upcoming drug test can be a cause of concern, stress, and tension for many of us who are into using certain drugs occasionally. Some people like to smoke pot every weekend to relieve themselves of the stress that their jobs put on them while others like to indulge in a monthly bout with drugs like cocaine or opium just for fun.

fake urine for drug testIt is not a fair thing to judge these people for their occasional hobbies instead of skill set. After all, everyone likes to indulge in some kind of taboo fun every now and then.

We are humans after all! But most companies wouldn’t like to have these so called “junkies” work for their firm and cause any possible nuisance or losses.

Thus, these drug tests are conducted either during the hiring process of an interviewee or randomly during the job term of all employees.

If you did a few drugs not so long ago, it must have worried the hell out of you to think about the upcoming drug test that you might just fail. You wouldn’t if you know how these tests work. Most companies use urinalysis or urine drug tests to determine the drug activity of a person. Hair and saliva drug tests, although not as common, are also conducted in many firms.

The popularity of urine drug tests can be attributed to three facts:

They are easy to conduct

It is very easy to conduct a urine drug test and does not even require any highly qualified technicians.All the test candidate needs to do is submit a sample of their urine and the technicians will check for the presence of drug by products.

They are cheaper than other tests

A urine test typically costs around $20 per person, on an average as opposed to hair drug test which can cost over $100 per test! Most firms would rather go for a test which is cheaper and produces almost as accurate results at five times lesser price.

They are accurate

A urinalysis is a very accurate test and can be used to determine the drug use history of a person for up to a few weeks ago. In fact, urine drug test is 99 per cent accurate in detecting the use of the most popularly used drug, weed.

If you have an upcoming drug test and want the fastest way to clean out your system in 24 hours then you would be disappointed to know that there is no sure shot way to get these drugs out of your system except simply not doing them.

Cannabis stays in your system for around 30 days while crystal meth stays for around a week or sometimes two. However there are some natural methods to get weed out of your system fast, but again these alone are not enough to pass a drug test.

I suggest a good 7-10 days natural cleansing program along with toxin rid detox pills and use a bottle of detox drink on the day of your test. This is the safest way to pass a supervised drug test.

However if the test is unsupervised i e you are alone in the room, I suggest you to use synthetic urine. Do you wanna know what is the best synthetic urine? Check out this youtube video!