macujo method review

Macujo Method Review

Passing a hair drug test is hard, actually, hair follicle drug tests are the hardest to pass. There are many methods to pass these tests, but most of them are complete rubbish. Just like with urine drug test, people come up with home remedies and other secret methods and they claim these methods work like a charm. I have passed one hair drug test in the past, and I know 3 guys who have failed with home remedies. The only method that works called the Macujo method.

There is another method that might work, it’s called the Jerry g method, but it will completely ruin your hair because it requires the use of Ammonia. If you don’t want to say goodbye to your hair, I suggest you pass the Jerry G method and concentrate on the Mac method. There are many guides out there, but they are all slightly different from what I did, I thought I would post a proper Macujo method review, with the exact steps what I did.

Methods That Don’t Work For A Hair Drug Test

There are many stupid home remedies that don’t work, forget about lime juice, baking powder or bleaching. None of them work! I found this comment under a video, it’s completely misleading:

illl have yall know if you are black all you have to do is relax your hair babyyy lol it works and you can also just bleach your hair but give yourself enough time for that and then put another color over it but space it out with the chemicals i fucked up by smoking the day after cuz i didnt know. if you are white or have 2a hair textures (not biracial) do not get a RELAXER. try bleaching instead it works too ๐Ÿ™‚ but for black isrealite people use a relaxer or just bleach it youll be fine yall ok? oh and to everyone!! : YOU HAIR CAN BE CONTAMINATED BY SECOND HAND WEED SMOKE BE MINDFUL TELL YOUR FRIENDS DO NOT GO AROUND THEM FOR ANY LENGTH OF TIME happy detoxing <3 lol answer these questions: race: hair type: heavy smoker or no: when you stopped: please be thorough we are trying to change our lives for the better ok yall? dont give half assed responses please you are doing more harm them good by doing so what i did and hopefully it helps you guys out. Good Luck everyone!!

Using bleach, ammonia and stuff like that is the best way to ruin your hair, you probably fail the test, but 100% sure that you can say goodbye to your hair, I would bet this girl actually never used this method herself, she just heard it from a friend who also heard it somewhere.

The other method that many people suggest is having your hair off. I know it sounds very clever, but it’s not. Those guys in the lab are not complete idiots, they know exactly what is going on. If your hair is shaved they will take some hair from your other body parts, it can be quite humiliating, if you shave it off everywhere they can blood or urine test you, or even fail you because it’s obvious what is going on.

So my advice is to forget about home remedies for a hair drug test and also forget about methods that completely ruin your hair. The Macujo method works, it has a very high success rate. If you check some Macujo method reviews online, you will won’t see a single negative review, the only way to fail if you don’t do it as many times as it required or if you don’t buy the proper ingredients.

Macujo method Instructions

It’s important to use the proper ingredients and also very important to repeat the cleansing process minimum 5 times. Ideally, you should do the macujo method twice a day for 5 days, that’s enough time to completely clean your hair shafts. If you don’t have 5 days that’s also fine, but then you will need to do the cleaning process 3 or even 4 times a day. I have heard about a guy who has only 24 hours to pass his hair drug test, he did the Macujo method 5 times on the previous day and once in the morning right before the test.

What is the best synthetic urine for drug test?

Best synthetic urine 2017 -Sub Solution

There are many debates on what is the best synthetic urine what you can use for a drug test. In my opinion, the best synthetic urine brand is sub solution. They have two different kinds of synthetic urine and both are great. One of them is 90$ the other one is 75. Go with the regular sub solution synthetic urine for 75 and you will be fine. One of the best feature of this fake urine that it comes with heat activator powder so you don’t have to mess with microwave or any other “heating” method.

Where to buy Sub Solution?

This is the only downside, its not available in shops so if you are in a hurry and you need the urine within 24 hours then Sub Solution is not an option. I believe this is the best synthetic urine and its risk-free to use, so if you are a weed smoker who can be drug tested at work anytime, then I strongly advise you to buy a bottle or two and keep it in a safe place, better to be safe than sorry.

What is the second best synthetic urine on the market?

I think everybody knows the second brand, its called Quick Fix and its the most popular synthetic urine in 2017. It doesn’t come with heat activator powder so you will have to microwave it and wrap it with hand warmers to keep it on the right temperature. Heat activator powder is way easier to use, but its still not a big deal. A quick fix is widely available in the states, you can buy it in most smoke shops, or you can order it online (more discreet, cheaper price).

best synthetic urine

Other options

If none of the mentions synthetic urine brands are available, then Monkey Whizz can be also an option. Monkey whizz is a relatively new synthetic urine, but it already has a good reputation. I wouldn’t recommend it for lab tests, but for a regular urine test, it should be good. Always check synthetic urine reviews before buying any product. It’s also a good idea to check some forums where other people share their experiences.

What not to buy

There are some brands that I would not recommend. U pass synthetic urine is crap, everybody knows that magnum, P sure, Ultra Klean and Clean Stream are the worst fake urine brands what you can use for a drug test. These synthetic urine brands do not contain uric acid, urea, and other essential chemicals. Without these chemicals, these are not “real” synthetic urines. These can be detected easily on a dip stick test. It’s also important to mention that some low-quality fake urine contains some chemicals what are normally not found in human urine if the lab test for these chemicals then you are busted. As I know all of these cheap fake urine brands contains this certain chemical. It’s a trick what not too many people know.

In my next article, I will speak about using detox drinks and detox pills for a drug test.

Significant things to keep in your mind while using synthetic urine

The qualified and legit urine tests are usually conducted in the various medical examinations in order to find whether a particular person is fit or not for the specific job position. For the personal or precise reasons, some of the individuals are vastly using the synthetic urine at all. Use of this fake urine is really a practical solution for protecting privacy, pass the upcoming urine test and also make sure getting your job. The following are the most important things which you have to keep in your mind while using the synthetic urine for the effective urine test.

  • Preparation โ€“ In order to make use of the synthetic urine for the next urine test, first of all everyone should have to prepare yourself and know about how the urine test will be conducted. You have to also make sure that whether someone watching you during the urination to collect the sample or not. At the same time, you should need to confirm whether they will do a complete body search or not. You must learn how to discreetly carry the fake urine kit in a better way.
  • Go for tried & tested synthetic urine โ€“ It is always suggested to use high quality synthetic urine which is like the original and manufactured by the trusted laboratory.
  • Pick the synthetic urine which can be easily used โ€“ When the individuals are in the middle of the urine test and you are tense, mixing some powders and doing some other various steps in the fake urine kit require to everyone. If the people are going to the leading brands of synthetic urines, it will be easy, fast and also convenient to use.

Most of the synthetic urine kits are coming with the complete necessary things along with the temperature strip and heating pad to help users to get a right heat level for the urine. Check out my next post for detailed reviews on synthetic urine.

The fastest way to clear your system and pass your drug test

An upcoming drug test can be a cause of concern, stress, and tension for many of us who are into using certain drugs occasionally. Some people like to smoke pot every weekend to relieve themselves of the stress that their jobs put on them while others like to indulge in a monthly bout with drugs like cocaine or opium just for fun.

fake urine for drug testIt is not a fair thing to judge these people for their occasional hobbies instead of skill set. After all, everyone likes to indulge in some kind of taboo fun every now and then.

We are humans after all! But most companies wouldn’t like to have these so called โ€œjunkiesโ€ work for their firm and cause any possible nuisance or losses.

Thus, these drug tests are conducted either during the hiring process of an interviewee or randomly during the job term of all employees.

If you did a few drugs not so long ago, it must have worried the hell out of you to think about the upcoming drug test that you might just fail. You wouldn’t if you know how these tests work. Most companies use urinalysis or urine drug tests to determine the drug activity of a person. Hair and saliva drug tests, although not as common, are also conducted in many firms.

The popularity of urine drug tests can be attributed to three facts:

They are easy to conduct

It is very easy to conduct a urine drug test and does not even require any highly qualified technicians.All the test candidate needs to do is submit a sample of their urine and the technicians will check for the presence of drug by products.

They are cheaper than other tests

A urine test typically costs around $20 per person, on an average as opposed to hair drug test which can cost over $100 per test! Most firms would rather go for a test which is cheaper and produces almost as accurate results at five times lesser price.

They are accurate

A urinalysis is a very accurate test and can be used to determine the drug use history of a person for up to a few weeks ago. In fact, urine drug test is 99 per cent accurate in detecting the use of the most popularly used drug, weed.

If you have an upcoming drug test and want the fastest way to clean out your system in 24 hours then you would be disappointed to know that there is no sure shot way to get these drugs out of your system except simply not doing them.

Cannabis stays in your system for around 30 days while crystal meth stays for around a week or sometimes two. However there are some natural methods to get weed out of your system fast, but again these alone are not enough to pass a drug test.

I suggest a good 7-10 days natural cleansing program along with toxin rid detox pills and use a bottle of detox drink on the day of your test. This is the safest way to pass a supervised drug test.

However if the test is unsupervised i e you are alone in the room, I suggest you to use synthetic urine. Do you wanna know what is the best synthetic urine? Check out this youtube video!

If you have an upcoming drug test..

A drug test is a preventive measure used by several companies to protect its interests, growth, work environment, and other employees from those who might be drug users and a nuisance to the ideals of the firm. If you understand that your company can conduct random drug tests (as it has a history of doing so), you should stay away from drugs. Just don’t do them. However, even though some people do not do any drugs, they can still test positive for marijuana because of their exposure to second hand smoke.

This might seem like some kind of sick joke to scare people but it is true โ€“ can you fail a drug test from second hand smoke? Apparently, yes you can. Studies have found that heavy exposure to marijuana smoke in unventilated conditions can give you what is called a contact high and also make trace appearances in your blood stream and urine. This seems extremely unfair for a person who doesn’t even smoke pot to fail a drug test but this is what happens if you don’t take care of who you are around.

Can you fail a drug test from second hand smoke?

Really? Yes, it is possible for a person to fail a drug test because inhaling second hand smoke can raise the THC levels in their system but this does not mean that it is a common reason why people fail tests. For passive smoke to really make an entry into your system, the room you are in with should be unventilated. If there is no proper ventilation in the room and you are exposed to heavy amounts of cannabis smoke, it will get you a bit high (this kind of intoxication is known as contact high) and will also make appearances in your blood stream as well as urine.

If the levels of THC metabolites in your urine is higher than what the threshold value chosen to qualify someone as positive is then you will fail the drug test and lose your job โ€“ simple. So, what can you do to prevent this from happening? Can you protect your job if you are exposed to second hand smoke on a regular basis?

Yes, you can protect yourself by either staying away from people who smoke a lot or just making sure that the room they are in with you is properly ventilated. There are also some methods to fool the drug test… Don’t inhale the passive smoke too much and make sure they also behave responsibly with you (enlighten them on the fact that your companies conduct drug tests randomly).

If you get into trouble because of someone else’s deeds, it would be very unfair. Protect yourself and your job by ensuring you are not exposed to large quantities of second hand smoke regularly.

So, can you fail a drug test from second hand smoke? Yes if the conditions described above are met. If you alredy inhaled the best what you can do is to check out some guides on how to pass a drug test. For more info check this post out.