Quick fix synthetic urine review

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Reviews: Does Quick Fix Still Work?

There are many different synthetic urine brands available, some are good, some are so-so and some are absolutely terrible and you should never think about using them. Many of these brands were popular in the past, back in the days it was easy to pass a urine test, the fake sample didn’t have to contain chemicals, urea, uric acid and stuff like that was unknown. You could easily pass a drug test with some colored water heated up to the right temperature. Those days are long gone, you need quality synthetic urine and only a couple of brands are good enough to pass a lab drug test in 2019.

In this article, I will review Spectrum Labs Quick Fix. As we all know, Quick Fix is also an old brand, but it still has a very good reputation. In this Quick Fix review, I will tell you how to use it, what it contains and whether if it’s good or not pass a modern lab test.

Synthetic Urine Brands Do Not Work Anymore

There are many old synthetic urine brands for sale in smoke shops and online stores. These brands used to have a good reputation, but most of them don’t work anymore. The manufacturer didn’t update their formula, no urea, uric acid, they don’t care about gravity, PH not to mention color, smell and the foam of the urine. These brands are mostly marketed as “fetish urine kits”. For that purpose, they are perfectly fine but do not try to pass a modern drug test with them. The brands that you should avoid are: Magnum Synthetic urine, Upass, Agent X, Xstream Synthetic urine, P sure

None of these work, if you have to pick one from them, I would recommend Agent X, but again it’s not safe and not recommended. You can buy much better brands online or in any smoke shops.

Quick Fix 6.2 Review

Quick fix reviewsYou might have guessed it, Quick Fix synthetic urine is still a trusted brand and it still works very well. It contains, urea, uric acid and it has perfectly balanced PH. However, it doesn’t contain many other chemicals that top two brands contain.

Its color is slightly greenish, so it’s not that perfect, it has no smell if the lab assistant smells it for any reason you are in big trouble. But luckily it doesn’t happen very often.

If you would like to read a nice comparison between Sub Solution and Quick fix, check this review out. It’s very well written and contains every information that you should know.

The reason I would recommend Quick fix 6.2 is that it has the most important ingredients, so it should pass a simple pre-employment test without issues.

It’s premixed you do not have to mess with mixing urine powder with water and the third reason is it’s cheap.

The top brands are between 80-100$ for a single bottle, while QUick fix costs only 39.99$.

If you have the spare money, I would still recommend Sub Solution or Quick luck, because they contain many more chemicals, they look and smell like human pee. So they would easily pass any visual inspection.  But what makes them the best is the heating system. It’s called heat activator powder, just at the little to your sample, it would raise the temperature to the right level. Quick Fix comes with a simple heating pad, you need to microwave the sample than wrap it with the heating pad. It usually works, but not always, definitely not the safest way to keep urine warm for a drug test.

One more reason why Quick Fix is popular is that it’s widely available everywhere. Sub Solution and Quick Luck are only available in some special online stores, but Quick Fix is available in every single smoke shops and gas stations.

If you read Quick Fix reviews and ratings on various websites you will see they are mostly positive, there are a few negative ones, but those are mainly because the temperature dropped. If you are well prepared it won’t happen. My final verdict is, you can use Quick Fix synthetic urine for a drug test without any issue, but if the test is a more serious lab test, I would go with one of the other two brands.